ImmoConcept. Your property. Our mission: New construction marketing.

ImmoConcept has successfully implemented new construction projects for its customers since 1989. An agency volume of more than €350 million (approx. 50% of our total sales) alone from new construction marketing projects proves this success.

You profit decidedly from our all-round competence.

Every new construction project harbours its particular challenges and risks for the investor, such as the drafting of complex concepts for use and financing, the approval and notarisation marathon, the development of profitable marketing strategies or securing the successful sale.

In us, you have a competent and reliable adviser at your side to execute the complete planning process for new construction and new construction marketing in the best possible way. According to your personal needs, we offer comprehensive consulting, development of a reliable sales structure or the implementation of the entire marketing and sales process for you. We additionally advise project initiators, builders, prospects and buyers for professional solutions precisely in your interest.

We advise and oversee construction companies and builders.

We work in three stages:

  • Analysis and planning
Marketing preparation and administration

  • Marketing and sale

Analysis & planning Planned efficiently from the foundation to the top.

If you intend to invest in a new construction project, we will check all particularities and prepare a detailed target group analysis. This is the basis for a reliable use concept. We support you in all calculations, finding and detailing the price, and in the same way, also in the development of individual financing concepts. We advise on strategic questions and offer effective coaching. Our know-how transfer helps to decidedly simplify your processes. The result: You will have a study of general feasibility with reliable ROI.

Marketing preparation and administration. The foundation for successful marketing.

As soon as your ideas and plans are set, we can take on the marketing for you. We will prepare the building description and condominium declarations, oversee the floor plans in a critical view and optimise them if needed. For this purpose, we inspect the planned purchase agreements and continuously communicate to you important and profit optimising tips. Our shared goal is higher profit. ImmoConcept assures for you the professional implementation of all required measures relating to the marketing preparation. This leads to a promising basis being formed for the marketing. The marketing time will reduce in many instances. This leads to a quicker return on investment and higher profit. 

Marketing and sale. Well thought-out marketing.

Should you not have the necessary marketing capacity or marketing experience or if you prefer not to be burdened by the extra work for the marketing and sales process, we will do that for you. We will prepare an intelligent marketing plan for you and organise the complete marketing process up to the prompt sale. You will profit from our excellent customer database and our truly highly effective network of competences. It includes tax advisers, banks and insurance companies for the successful implementation of your marketing concept. In a strategically sensible way, we bring together the specialists selected for you personally in one network. ImmoConcept guarantees professional marketing to you, so that you can enjoy a smooth sales process. 

Sales preparation and aftersales. All-around convenience.

This service includes the sales preparation and aftersales services. Competently and reliably, we take on for you all consulting and management services that arise in the sales process and are dedicated to the goal: we want to reach a high turnaround speed. We offer prospects and buyers individual service packages so that we can meet requests on short-notice for personal consulting and implementation. Furthermore, we even the way to the notary in that we explain the details relating to the complex purchase agreements in a comprehensible manner.

With ImmoConcept, you can rely on a 360-degree customer manager and consultant saving you a lot of time and effort. – To achieve a quick and uncomplicated signing of the purchase agreement, we recommend you to take advantage of our professional consulting.

Our premium service includes the following for you:


First-class advising from senior consultants

  • Regular, comprehensive support
24 hours availability on 7 days/week
Professional hotline

We are looking forward to your enquiry!